How much can a beginner earn from stocks in India? Yes you can make Rs 1000 per day, 10000 per day, even 1 lakh per day

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Most of the people in today’s world want to explore the stock market and want to earn money from the stock market. Therefore there is a great need of understanding the market and yourself what kind of a person you are before starting into trading.

How much can a beginner earn from stocks in India

 People dream to make money from the stock market, they maybe newbie or an expert. People enter the market with a great hope of making huge money but ends up losing everything.This happens with almost most of the people entering stock market, this happens because they don’t have sufficient knowledge also they themselves don’t know what kind of a trader they are.

The question  how much can a beginner earn from stocks in India? Depends on the amount of money you have to start trading or investing in stock market. If you have some money and if you invest in good stocks you will get good returns.

If you want to earn money in stock market you  will need to understand certain things before you start:

1.The type of trader you are:

There are different types of trading styles in the market, you must first know yourself whether you are an investor or a trader. We will discuss the different types of trading later in this article.

An  investor is basically a person who invests in stocks for a long term goals Whereas A trader is a person who invests in stocks for short period of time.

2.Understanding your risks :

knowing your risk appetite not only helps you take proper decisions in the market but also keeps you safe from losing all your money. You must always calculate your risks before investing which means if you invest 10000 you must know how much amount of money you can bear as loss.

3.Make your goals clear:

You should always make your goals clear like why am I entering stock market and your expectations from the market. Many people expects too much money from the market and ends up losing everything. It is not that you cannot make money from the stock market but being aggressive and buying bad stocks can never make you rich. Learn to make money from stock market with us on youtube click here

4: Learn as much as you can:

Remember nothing comes without knowledge, the thing is more you learn  the more you get better in picking stocks.

Types of trading:

1.Intraday trading:

In intraday trading you buy the shares today and sell them on the same day. If you do not sell the shares manually , your position will be automatically squared off. If the price of the stocks that you bought you will make losses and if the price of the stock rises then you will make profit. trading:

 In intraday trading you buy the shares  and hold them as much long as you can. You can hold them for any number of years. You can sell the stocks today or even after 20 years.

Swing trading:

In swing trading you hold the stocks for a short span of time. You try to make money within few weeks or months of investments.


Yes you make enough money from stock market as a beginner, keep learning, take calculated risks and never be too greedy in stock

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